Reservations are open for the 2023 session of the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp.
Camp will run Tuesday, August 8th to Sunday, August 20th!

The Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp provides a unique experience of conservation, shooting sports, and outdoor recreation education. The overnight camp’s program introduces young people to the ethical responsibilities of hunting and fishing. This will encourage careful stewardship of our natural resources.

A Commitment to Conservation, an Appreciation for Recreation…

The camp was founded in 1949. Originally it was a cooperative project between the Massachusetts Division of Fisheries and Game and a citizens group. Since 1983, it has been administered by the Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Junior Conservation Camp, Inc., a non-profit tax-exempt corporation solely responsible for the conduct and operation of the camp.

The Massachusetts Sportsmen’s Junior Conservation Camp is a one time attendance camp- NO EXCEPTIONS!

*Please Note: Any inquiries through email will be responded to quicker than voicemails*