MJCC Staff

Resident counselors are on hand at all times to supervise and lead campers through the two week adventure.  They know how to make the time spent at the Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp educational AND fun!

The MJCC is dedicated to the safety of the campers.  We employ certified lifeguards and medical staff on the campgrounds.

Our staff members have experience working with youth, and will ensure that your children have a safe and great time at camp!

If you are interested in working for the MJCC, please apply online here

If you cannot make the 2 week commitment to become part of our staff, but would like to contribute some time or a special talent to our program, please call 508-450-5120 or email us.

Photos by: Troy Gipps/MassWildlife

If you have any questions, please contact our office.

 MJCC Administration

The Massachusetts Junior Conservation Camp is operated by its Board of Directors. The Officers are Kevin McGovern, President; Emily Johnson, Secretary; Ken Brown, Treasurer. Directors include Jon Green, Ellie Horwitz, Stephen Johnson, Marion Larson,  Wayne MacCallum and Mark Tisa.

Corporation members include Dana Booth, Amber Hebb, Ron Hebb, Payton Hines, Steve LaRivee, Michelle Siudut and Ashley Zimmerman.